Sometimes our hearts breaks for the children of Guatemala

Sometimes our hearts breaks when we hear what some of our students have been through already.

Take 7-year-old Lucia and her younger brother Archivaldo. Their mother abandoned them when they were young, and their father works away for weeks at a time.

Their aunt has opened her home to them, but the family struggles, because their uncle doesn’t make enough to cover expenses each day. But this aunt loves Lucia and Archivaldo, she fights for them, and she teaches them to trust God.

Lucia and Archivaldo never miss a day of school! They attend our newest school, in Chijulhá, and they have been embraced by their school family.

Lucia loves painting, language classes, and science, and she wants to grow up to be a doctor. Archivaldo is excited to learn all sorts of new things and he wants to be a policeman.

Lucia and Archivaldo don’t have sponsors yet. Do you know someone who might want to sponsor them? Someone to help their aunt encourage them and pray for them?

It would be a great blessing for them to have a sponsor” says one of their teachers, “it would be of great support for them and their family.

This week, we’ve featured Lucia and Archivaldo for #SponsorAChildSaturday. Each Saturday, we share the story of one of our children who has an immediate need for a sponsor. Then we ask you to help us find a sponsor for them! Like our facebook page to see a new story every week, and help us find a sponsor for Lucia and for Archivaldo today.

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