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Support an entire class of students and watch them grow into godly leaders as they progress through school!

Your support enables your class to receive an academic education and be taught to know and love the Lord!

An investment of $50/month resources a class to provide the best education possible!

What does my support provide?

what does $50/month provide for my class?

How do I request a class to support?

walk me through the process

How can I stay in touch with my class?

and what communication will I receive as a sponsor?

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I need to set up or renew my donation

What does my support provide?

In the rural areas of Guatemala, more than 75% of Indigenous people live in poverty. Many children don’t complete elementary school. At a Vida school, Christian teachers – many of whom were once Vida students themselves – are personally involved in your students’ lives on a daily basis. Our leaders, teachers and support staff provide godly role models to help your child know the Lord and become all that He intends for them to be!

Your investment of $50/month helps break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy for the children in your class. Your support will help the children receive:

  • resources to provide the best education possible
  • Christian discipleship and mentoring
  • healthy nutritious meals and vitamins to help them learn better
  • a welcoming environment with appropriate facilities
  • care from teachers who support them holistically

(some of these services are also funded through other gifts to Impact Ministries)

Your class will also be blessed by your prayers and encouragement!

Impact Ministries is looking for 10 supporters for each class. You can follow your class throughout their education in our Vida Schools, although classes do merge, especially during transitions from elementary school to junior high, and junior high school to the senior high teacher training program

How do I request a class to support?

  1. Click “Support a Class” to set up your monthly donation
  2. If you have a preference as to the grade or school you would like to support, please indicate this in the note field
  3. Once you submit the donation form, we will match you with a class and email you a class supporter package, including a photo of your class
  4. You’ll continue receiving yearly updates from your class

How can I stay in touch with my class?

You’ll receive:

  • a digital class supporter package including a photo of your class and their teacher
  • the enthusiastic prayers of the students in your class
  • a yearly update from your class

You can:

  • pray for your class regularly
  • write your class online or by snail mail
  • personally visit your class if you travel to Guatemala on an Impact Trip or as part of our annual sponsor team (the classes throw great parties!)

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Set up your monthly Support a Class donation online
Print a Pre-authorized debit (PAD) agreement form to set up automatic withdrawals from your bank account
Renew your annual Support a Class pledge
Give a Special Occasion Gift to your class
Write your Class

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