Growing up with Impact Ministries

Back in 2007, Impact Ministries was running an afterschool program in San Antonio. One of the children who came was 6-year-old Coralia.

Little Coralia holding a doll

Little Coralia wasn’t impressed: “I had to walk so far. Also, it meant a double effort for me, studying at school in the morning and studying in the project in the afternoons.” But that soon changed. Coralia liked meeting team members from the US & Canada, including the Canadian family who would sponsor her for many years, as well as others from her own community. “I received a lot of love from the people who were part of it day by day,” Coralia says.

And love was a big deal for Coralia. Coralia felt unloved in her family. Born with health issues to a single mom, Coralia was often left in the care of her grandmother while her mother went to find work. “As I was growing, my whole family looked down on me,” recalls Coralia. “Each one showed me that they did not love me, including my mother.” 

Coralia with her mother and brother

As Coralia outgrew the public school in San Antonio, she started attending Vida Chijacorral. “I was so happy!” says Coralia, “If I had not gone to Vida Chijacorral School, I would not have been permitted to continue studying.”

But Coralia didn’t outgrow the health issues. She often had difficulty breathing, and her family couldn’t afford the recommended operation. Weeks into Junior High, she was hospitalized and critically ill

“Although it was very difficult, now I realize that the Lord always has good plans,” says Coralia. “Through this illness, my mother met the Lord.” People from church prayed for Coralia, and taught her Mom how to talk to God too. The next day, Coralia was stable and ready to go home! And as Coralia saw her Mother’s faith, she too, accepted Jesus. “My Mom began to pay attention to me and to love me,” says Coralia, “She is still faithful to the Lord.” 

After graduating from Grade 10, Coralia continued on to the new Teacher Training Program that Impact Ministries was offering at her school. She graduated with honours in Early Childhood Education, and was soon asked to come on staff at the Vida Children’s Home

Now Coralia is no longer a student, but a fellow worker with Impact Ministries. As she shares love with abandoned little ones, she reflects: “God knows that His plans and purposes in my life are so beautiful and all I can do is say thank you.”

Coralia holding an abandoned baby at the Vida Children's Home

Coralia turns 20 soon. As Impact Ministries is celebrating 20 years, we’d like to thank you for coming alongside children like Coralia through the years. Coralia is passing on the love that you shared with her! 

(If you received our Fall Newsletter, you’ve likely already read Coralia’s story. But it’s such a beautiful example about how your love for our children multiplies over the years, that we just had to share it again. We invite you to continue the impact for children just like Coralia who are growing up with Impact Ministries right now.)

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