Will you help us find sponsors for children in Guatemala?

This year, despite all the disruptions to education in Guatemala, we have over 200 new children in our Vida Schools! That means we have 200 children waiting for a sponsor. 

For the month of May, we’ve set a goal of finding a sponsor for every one of those children. And with teams and events not happening right now, we need your help to find them!

We’re making it as easy as possible for you to share sponsorship! You can create your own Sharing Sponsorship page to share with your family and friends throughout this month. Commit to finding one sponsor, three sponsors or even more:

Or take your sharing off-line. Think of just one friend or family member who might be interested in sponsoring a child, and share about the Vida sponsorship program with them. Or select one of our children still waiting for a sponsor and pray for him or her by name to find a sponsor this month.

Thank you for helping us find sponsors for children in Guatemala!

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