Great news! We have 130 students waiting for a sponsor

May is Sponsorship Month at Impact Ministries! Teachers in Guatemala have been busy collecting the details of new students, and we have over 130 students waiting for a sponsor!

That’s great news – it means there are lots of new students at Vida Schools! But it also means we need your help to find sponsors for each one of them!

Sponsors for children like Alida. Alida and her siblings started attending a Vida School this year. They walk for almost an hour to get to school – but they think it’s worth it. Alida’s mom & dad were looking for a place where their children could learn well, and above all, where they would be treated with lots of love. Isn’t that a great description of a Vida School?

Alida, like all our Vida students, needs a sponsor who will come alongside her, encourage her, and reflect God’s love to her.

Will you help us find sponsors for children like Alida?

It’s easy!

You can share through social media. We’ll be posting about sponsorship all month on Facebook and Instagram – and we’ll be featuring a different child still waiting for a sponsor each day on our Instagram stories. Share these social media posts or post your own and get your friends excited about sponsoring a child!

Or take your sharing off-line. Think of just one friend or family member who might be interested in sponsoring a child and share about the Vida sponsorship program with them. Or select one of our children still waiting for a sponsor and pray for him or her by name to find a sponsor this month.

Will you pray with us that each child will find their sponsor? Will you share their stories with your friends and family? Will you consider whether you have room in your heart for one more sponsor child? Thank you for your heart for children in Guatemala!

You can learn more about Alida or check out all our children still waiting for a sponsor – and join with us in finding sponsors for each one of them this month! Thank you for your help in finding sponsors for children in Guatemala!

(On May 17th, our online VidaLive event will feature a former sponsor child and his sponsors! Join us and get a first-hand look at the lifelong impact of sponsorship and get your questions about sponsorship answered.)

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