Impacting Health Care in Rural Guatemala

“We take for granted how vitamins and clean water are so easily accessible to us, so it was eye-opening to see how much of an impact prescribing vitamins and antiparasitics was to most people.”

mobile pharmacy set up at Vida School

Samuel Harmon has served twice on an Impact Ministries Medical Team. He tells us that a large reason he originally went into medicine was to help those in need both locally and far away. In Guatemala, he was able to treat pain, infections, and unmanaged chronic medical conditions for people who hadn’t been able to access basic care before.

PA Harmon during a checkup with a Vida student

“But just as important as the treatments we provided,” Samuel says, “we were sure to offer prayer to each person and family. And I have seen great emotional and spiritual healing take place in addition to our treatment of physical ailments.”

“Being a part of the Impact Ministry team and having the opportunity to serve in the medical clinics has been one of the greatest blessings in my life.”

Have you had a chance to read the Impact Ministries Fall Newsletter? You’ll find three more testimonies from Medical Practitioners who have impacted body & soul in Guatemala and who have seen that it takes so little to make such a big impact on health care in rural Guatemala.

Want to make an impact too? Consider joining a team to Guatemala, sharing about these opportunities with your medical & dental friends, or supporting the clinic by donating towards local staff and clinic supplies. Thank you for impacting body & soul in Guatemala!

(In the fall newsletter, you’ll also read about Dr. Rivas, our Guatemalan physician. He shared with us during our VidaLive earlier this month, and we invite you to watch the recording.)

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