Impact Teams – and welcome Colleen!

It’s a busy week for Impact Teams in Guatemala! Right now, we’re hosting a church team from New Brunswick, a Dental Team from Alberta, and a Mechanics Team from British Columbia. Add to that our Discipleship program participants, plus some wonderful individuals who are serving through guest house hosting and translating – and, well, the place is hopping. 

While it’s an unusually busy week, the team calendar for 2023 is almost full, with just two spots left in early summer, and we’re already scheduling into 2024. (Isn’t it great?!? We’re so thrilled to have you all back!)

Our hospitality team in Guatemala once again includes a full cohort, supporting areas like translation and meals – familiar faces like Hugo and Claudia, but also new staff who are sharing their skills to make sure these short-term missions teams have a long term impact.

And, to top things off, this is the week we welcome our new Canadian Teams Coordinator, Colleen Gold. When Kristyn stepped into the Operations Manager position last year, she continued coordinating all the teams – but as the volume of teams has picked up again, we’ve seen the need to once again have a dedicated person in this role.

Kristyn says, “I can’t wait for everyone to get to know Colleen. She has a heart for missions and skills that will prepare our teams well for their time in Guatemala”

Colleen first heard about Impact while working for Regina Christian School (they’ve been sending groups of high schoolers to serve at Impact for over 15 years!). Last year, God started opening her heart to being more involved in Impact Ministries, and after much prayer and seeking God’s direction, we’re all excited that Colleen will be stepping into the Teams Coordinator role.

“Missions changes lives on both sides of the border,” says Colleen, “and I’m so excited, because I know God will be changing my life in this role as well!”

Colleen and Kristyn will be working closely together during this transition, and we know our teams will continue to be taken care of well, both before they come and while they’re here.

Please continue to pray for all those who come to Guatemala – that God will impact hearts and lives. And hey, if you know someone who should come to Guatemala, send them to to see all the ways they can join us!

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