For Children in Guatemala, Going to School is Not a Given

This time of year is synonymous with “Back to School” in Canada. Stores are advertising brightly-coloured school supplies and children are making decisions about what to wear on the first day of school.

But what if the decision wasn’t about what to wear to school, but whether you got to go to school at all?

For children in Guatemala, going to school is not a given.

For many Guatemalan parents, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to send their children to school, because that’s taking them off the field, where they could be helping Mom or Dad earn some money. Those few quetzal a day will mean a meal.

That’s where child sponsorship comes in. When you sponsor a child, you provide that meal, you provide that chance to go to a Vida school – and you provide the opportunity to experience Jesus’ love.

Our new Child Sponsorship Video is ready – will you take 5 minutes to see what your sponsorship really means to a child in Guatemala?

Amazingly enough, there are only 39 children in our Vida Schools (out of over 1800 students!) who are still waiting for a sponsor. In Guatemala, the school year ends in October – will you help us find a sponsor for each one of these precious children before then?

Thank you for your love for children and families in Guatemala!

(If you’d rather sponsor a whole class of children, we also have classes that still need supporters)

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