Did You Know You’re Impacting Generations?

When you give to build a brighter future in Guatemala, you are impacting generations. So often, our teachers themselves have been students in our schools, and the gifts you gave years ago are now building into the brighter future of the next generation.

Like through Teacher Everardo. He started attending a Vida School in 2006 – he was in Grade 3 then:

Everardo’s teachers inspired him, as did the devotional times that started each school day. Learning stories about heroes of faith awoke in him the desire to seek God more, to worship Him, and to dedicate his life to serving Him. Throughout the years, he felt God calling him to serve Him by becoming a teacher. Everardo grew up participating in activities such as sports olympiads, spelling bees, and spiritual retreats – and they were all part of helping him understand God’s purpose for his future

There wasn’t a teaching position for Everardo when he graduated, but he was undeterred. Everardo knew that he was meant to serve, so he took a custodial position at Vida Mocohán School. While cleaning classrooms, repairing desks, and tending to school gardens, he also interacted with the kids. He shared stories from his own life as a student, and he encouraged the children to put the Lord first in their lives. He did his job with joy and dedication, and he continued in further studies so that he could be qualified to teach at the secondary level.

An opportunity opened up the following year, and Everardo was invited to fill a substitute teaching position at Vida Purulhá School. His principal could see that God was using his life to bless the students, and he moved into a permanent teaching role. Today, he continues to teach language and physical education at Vida Purulhá. He’s always innovative in his use of teaching strategies, and he takes time to listen to his students and to mentor them well.

The seeds that were planted in Everardo’s life throughout the past eighteen years are still bearing fruit. God has been faithful in Everardo’s future and Everardo is now sharing this vision of a brighter future with the students he teaches.

Will you be part of building a brighter future in the next generation of godly leaders? Right now, your donation to the Build a Brighter Future campaign will be matched – but only for a few more days. With your gift, you’ll be building a brighter future for kids in Guatemala right now, as well as for years to come!

Thank you for building a brighter future for kids in Guatemala.

(Your gift to build a brighter future makes sure that the current Vida school programs are well-supported, providing capacity to expand. And, until the end of the year, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar to build the new school in Mestela!)

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