The Dream is Being Fulfilled

Twenty-four years ago the Lord sent Les and Rita to Guatemala with the mission of raising godly leaders for His kingdom. We marvel at how He has allowed them to mentor young men and women, and we now see this dream being fulfilled. Today, we’re excited to share with you that Hector and Ericka Beb are transitioning into the role of Operations Managers in Guatemala!

One of the goals of Impact Ministries is to train Guatemalans to take positions of leadership and influence their society for the Gospel. Hector and Ericka have been shining examples of this, along with so many of our emerging leaders. We love how God is working through Impact Ministries to equip Guatemalans to serve within the ministry and also launch out into other areas of society with a message of hope. The Lord is working in hearts fulfilling this portion of our mission statement!

Hector was a student, then a teacher in our schools, and he became our first ordained pastor. He really has the DNA of Impact Ministries inside of him! Even as a young man, Hector’s compassion and desire to serve were very evident. He was one of those people who was hungry to learn and wanted to live a life pleasing to the Lord. Ericka came to us a few years later as a teacher. She observed Les and Rita and the ministry and found Impact and the Vida Schools to be a place where she could serve the Lord wholeheartedly. 

As our lead pastor, Hector oversees all the Rio de Vida Churches. He has recently completed his final year of seminary studies, and his overview of the spiritual component of the ministry has been such a blessing. He is playing a key role in Impact Ministries’ future development. Ericka served as Administrative Director over the Vida Schools. She’s finishing her master’s degree in business administration, and her managerial gifting is just so apparent to everyone. We know that with Hector and Ericka taking leadership, the operations of Impact Ministries Guatemala is in good hands

Hector and Ericka have been developing as leaders for a long time. We have watched them grow and serve the Lord together. This is the next step in transitioning ministry responsibilities to our Guatemalan leaders. So, over the next few years, Les and Rita will continue to mentor Hector and Ericka. Please pray for them as they learn to navigate their new roles

Please pray for our new leaders in Canada too:

Christina, Kristyn & baby Noah, and Ruth

Christina Alicandro has stepped into the role of Canadian Operations Manager while Kristyn Morrision is on maternity leave. Congratulations, Kristyn, on the birth of baby Noah! And welcome Christina. Christina has a huge heart for Impact and brings gifts in writing, servant leadership, and organizational efficiency to the team.

Also, we’ve welcomed Ruth Desterke as our new Teams Coordinator. Our sad good-byes to Colleen Gold were tempered by knowing God has called Colleen into a different area of ministry for now – and knowing that He also prepared Ruth to step in at Impact. Ruth has a background in healthcare, IT systems, and ministry. She’s hit the ground running and, as our recent teams can attest, she’s a wonderful fit!

We’re thankful for the leadership that God has raised up over almost 25 years of ministry in Guatemala. Isn’t it amazing what God is doing? Thank you so much for your prayers!

(Want to know more of Hector and Ericka’s story? Here’s an article about them written back in 2017, when they were already serving and leading at Impact Ministries)

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