Harvest 1The  spring harvest is in progress.  Vegetables are harvested every week providing nutritious meals for the children in the Vida Schools.  Carrots, lettuce, and beets are also being harvested at this time, and the pepper harvest will begin next week.

Edgar and the Ministerios Impacto crew have harvested 600 cases of tomatoes – approximately 20 kgs/case – available for the commercial market.  Another 600 cases of tomatoes will be harvested in the next number of days.

The Agricultural Project, facilitated by the Seeds of Tomorrow Project, is a significant part of reaching our Self-sustainability targets.  The While the funds generated by this harvest can not replace the financial support we receive from the many generous donors in North America, they will support the ongoing work in the schools and medical clinic.

The new Solar installation will provide sufficient power to pump all of the water to the storage tanks for the irrigation.  13 kilometers of dripline have been installed on the Chisac property for irrigation.  The installation of water tanks at the top of the hill and a water treatment system last year will now enable Edgar and his team to utilize the land to the fullest capacity.

We strive to please the Lord with our service to His children in Guatemala and are truly thankful to our many friends – your prayer and support is making a difference in His Kingdom.

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