“He encouraged me to think big. To look up far beyond my surroundings. To see things from God’s perspective. I thought I had, but since then I have learned that the Kingdom of God has no limits. It is beyond my imagination.”

Pastor Mynor Toc serves the Tactic congregation of the Rio de Vida Church, and also teaches Bible classes for the Junior and Senior High students at our Vida Schools. As he talks about his own faith and those who have encouraged him on the journey, it’s easy to see why he has been used so powerfully by God to raise up other young men in the ministry.

“He is a worshipper and spends time alone in worship with the Lord,” Les Peters explains, “He hears from God and has a wonderful way of relating what God has taught him. This closeness with the Lord makes him an ideal leader.”

Many of our leaders came to Impact as Vida students, but Mynor was already a teacher when he heard about the ministry. “I only went along to accompany my brother,” says Mynor about that first visit to Tactic from Cobán, “but I became very excited to find out what God was doing here.” Mynor accepted the school worship leader position that was offered to him. Over the years, he transitioned from being a teacher to being a vice principal, then a principal, and now a pastor with Impact Ministries. “We have seen that wherever Mynor serves, the people who serve under his care feel nurtured, encouraged, challenged, and blessed,” says Les. 

Mynor is equally grateful for the discipleship he has received through Impact Ministries. “Les and Rita’s leadership has taught me to be willing to give my life to the service of the Lord,” says Mynor, “they have taught us, corrected and challenged us to seek more of the Lord.” And Mynor has shared this challenge with those he pastors and mentors. “I have seen in each of these areas the opportunity to reach out and help the youth and the brothers and sisters of the church to develop the character of Christ in their lives.”

Pastor Mynor continues to disciple those in the Rio de Vida congregation, as well as the students in his classes. “I never imagined that God wanted to use me to shepherd and take His Word to so many children, youth and adults,” he says. 

Please pray for our leaders in our schools, in our churches, and throughout the ministry, both as they disciple others and as they grow their own faith beyond imagination.

(We’re inviting young adults to come to Guatemala to explore a faith beyond imagination through the new VIDA School of Discipleship. We’re also raising funds to train leaders like Mynor in sharing hope in crisis and intensive crisis intervention to even better equip them to provide spiritual care in their communities.)

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