Axel struggles with his schoolwork – not because he isn’t smart or hard-working, but because poverty can make learning difficult. Imagine learning from home in a house made of earth and sheet metal that floods when it rains. Imagine sharing that space with many younger siblings – all of whom think the school supplies your teachers brought you look like great toys. Imagine trying to study on an empty stomach, worrying about whether you’ll have to hide the next time dad comes home. Is it any wonder that Axel sometimes neglects his studies?

Axel working on schoolwork outside beside woodpile

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Axel’s life is tough. He can’t always attend to his school work, because, at 7, he’s often charged with taking care of younger siblings. His dad doesn’t have a permanent job, and spends too many afternoons with his buddies, drinking too much. When he returns home, Axel and his brothers and sisters have to be on their best behaviour – and sometimes they even have to find a place to hide to avoid their father’s anger. 

Without a regular income, the family struggles. Sometimes, when they run out of food, Mom spends her last coins on some sweets to abate the growling in her children’s tummies. When Axel receives a food package from the school, the whole family feels blessed to be able to eat well for a few days.

Mother and six children in front of a mud and stick house

School has become one of the greatest blessings of Axel’s life. For Axel, being part of the Vida School community means so much more than just an education. His school is truly a place of refuge, and Axel is learning more about the God who holds his future.

When Axel started attending school, he and his family didn’t know God. Now Axel takes joy in worshipping and singing to the Lord. His mom has started taking Axel and his siblings to church, and they no longer feel completely on their own through their struggles. They are learning to trust God with their future.

Axel’s teachers continue to pray for Axel, and to visit and support the family. They, too, are trusting God for a brighter future for Axel and his family.

Axel nd classmates singing in school devotional
Will you be part of Axel’s brighter future? Because children like Axel need us to be there for them when life is hard. Your gifts will be used for school construction – including a new classroom, computer lab and chapel in Axel’s school – as well as for educational programs. And your gifts will be matched dollar for dollar (up to $74,715!) until the end of the year. Together, we can build a brighter future for them!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all children were able to receive an education, feel safe and loved, and know God’s got their future? Help us build a brighter future for kids in Guatemala this holiday season!

(On Tuesday, December 7th, we’ll continue talking about poverty and building a brighter future in Guatemala with Axel’s principal at our December VidaLive event.)

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